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The Carnoustie SCD Club is a non-affiliated group of Scottish Country Dancers, who meet on Thursday evenings most weeks from September through to May. It is located in the town of Carnoustie in the County of Angus, Scotland, the home of the world famous Champion Golf Course.

The Club hosts a number of open dances in larger venues in the town, of particular note are a series of five Summer Dances held in the Beach Hall in the Carnoustie Leisure Centre. These are enthusiastically attended by country dancers from the surrounding area and by visitors from abroad, and usually including some from the RSCDS Summmer School at St Andrews.

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Spring Dance 2019 Programmes & Cribs. . . .

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Dance of the Month. . . . February 2019

BIG TAM (R4x40)

A dance devised by Muriel Boal for Tam Dowie, who she always describes as "Big Tam"

1-81's with 2's & 3's with 4's right hands across once round. 2's & 3's then dance left hands across once round, while 1's & 4's chase clockwise half way.
9-162's & 3's keep left hands in a wheel and give right hand to corner (1's & 4's) and set. 2's & 3's turn corners once round and give left hand in the centre for a left hand wheel once round, while 1's & 4's chase clockwise half way. All back to original positions.
17-241's with 2's & 3's with 4's dance double figure of eight. (To begin 1's cross down & 4's dance up or down the set into the figure of eight - 2's & 3's do not cast).
25-321's face 2's & 3's face 4's ready for half reel of 4 (men give RS, ladies LS to begin) bringing the 1's to 4th place, then 2's, 3's & 4's continue with half a reel of 3 at the top of the set (finishing 2, 3, 4 and 1)
33-40Eight hands round and back

To view a video of the dance, click on the following link to the Scottish Dancing Dictionary website and select "Big Tam" from the alphabetic listing of dance videos, where a demonstration by the Tay Dancers can be found.

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